Digital Dental X-Rays

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Why is it important to get

Dental X-Rays

As with many health concerns, sometimes in dentistry, we can’t see everything we need to just by looking on the surface. Dental X-Rays help us identify hidden tooth decay, cysts, abscesses, bone loss, or impacted teeth. 

At our office we require X-Rays for every new patient, and follow up every 6-18 months, depending on individual patient needs.

What’s the Digital X-Ray Difference?

Here at Platinum Dental, the oral health of our patients is our #1 concern, but we also care for our patients’ comfort. Digital X-Rays produce up to 80% less radiation than traditional X-Rays. Digital X-Rays are also more comfortable, as the patient simply has a small sensor placed in their mouth rather than biting on an uncomfortable paper tab. The sensor then sends the information out through the teeth and into a computer. The images are ready in as little as three seconds, and the dentist has the capability to enlarge the images; leading to bigger, clearer images and more accurate diagnoses. Digital X-rays also eliminate the need for film, reducing the environmental impact of dental X-Rays. Because of their quick development time, digital X-Rays make processing insurance claims faster, too!

Just a Quick


  • Frequent dental X-rays help our team here at Platinum Dental identify hidden dental problems that can’t be seen on the surface
  • Digital X-rays are more convenient, quick, comfortable, and environmentally friendly
  • Many severe dental problems can be avoided when minor issues are diagnosed and treated early

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