Tooth Extraction

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A safe environment during

Tooth Extractions

Losing a tooth is never fun but sometimes it is the best option to keep the rest of your teeth healthy. We know that having a tooth extracted can be a stressful experience which is why we make sure you are in a comfortable and calm environment. 

Our team is highly trained to help you feel comfortable during the procedures and provide high-quality extractions to keep your smile healthy.

What is an extraction like?

We begin the tooth extraction by injecting your gum with a anesthetic which helps to dumb the surrounding area. Once the area is numb we use up to date techniques to ensure the tooth is safely removed. We detach the tooth from the ligament and remove the root from the bone. Once the procedure is completed, our dentists provide you with instruction to help you recover quickly.

Tooth Extraction

Recovery Tips

  • It takes about 1-2 weeks to recover
  • Take pain medication as directed by your doctor
  • Ice the outside of your mouth to reduce and swelling
  • Eat soft foods
  • Rest for the first 24 hours to jump start your recovery


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