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Gingivitis Treatment

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What is


Gingivitis is a common form of gum disease. It is commonly caused by plaque build up and the best way to treat it is with a renewed commitment to your dental hygiene. 

 Some common symptoms are red swollen gums that tend to bleed while brushing and flossing. If you notice these symptoms regularly occurring, schedule an appointment and we can help you out.

Prevention is the best option

Gingivitis is a relatively minor oral health concern but if left untreated it can worsen and cause ample gum damage. This damage could lead to tissue loss and tooth loss. If you are diagnosed with gingivitis our team will help you prepare a dental regiment that will help your gums recover.

Why should I keep my

gums healthy?

  • Protects against bone and tooth loss
  • Once your gum line recedes it won’t grow back
  • Keep your smile looking its best
  • Avoid more extreme cases of gum disease
  • Gums protect the roots of your teeth

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