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Fluoride Treatments

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Fluoride is what makes teeth stronger and protected against decay. It is naturally a part of your bones and teeth but it is important that your teeth have enough fluoride throughout your life.

One way to get extra fluoride in your system is to drink water that has it in it. If you are concerned about the level of fluoride your teeth have, schedule an appointment and talk to a member of our helpful team.

protection Your Smile

Just like we add an extra layer of warmth to protect our bodies when we go out into the cold, we need to add extra protection to our teeth with flouride. Fluoride acts as an extra layer to keep away decay and bacteria. 

Fluoride helps your teeth be stronger, get fewer cavities, slows mineral loss from tooth enamel, prevents oral bacteria, and in some cases can prevent early signs of tooth decay.

Protect your teeth with


Need extra fluoride?

  • Drink water that has fluoride in it
  • Use a toothpaste where fluoride is an ingredient
  • Find a fluoride mouthwash
  • Talk to your dentist  

Call today and schedule an appointment to make a plan to get enough fluoride for your teeth.

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