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When should I consider


If you have several teeth that are loose or missing it might be time to consult with your dentist about dentures.

Our team strives to help patients be comfortable when they eat, talk, and smile which is why we offer dentures. Dentures can improve your quality of life and help you regain confidence in your smile. 

No need to be afraid of dentures

For many people, the thought of having dentures makes them cringe. It may help to know that there are actually different types of dentures. The purpose of dentures is to replace teeth that have become loose or lost due to bone loss. The two main types of dentures are full dentures and partial dentures. 

Full dentures are used to replace all your teeth. They are custom fit for each individual to guarantee a perfect fit!

Partial Dentures are often used after an accident that knocked out a tooth or a few teeth. They replace the missing tooth to keep your smile looking its best. Partial dentures use healthy teeth as support which the dentures attached to.

What should I know about

getting dentures?

  • Don’t put off getting them. If your dentist recommends you get dentures it is usually because there is a lot of decay that needs to be removed. The sooner this is taken care of the better your health will be.
  • Know that it will take time to transition to and feel normal.
  • Take care of them. Clean them and treat them with care so they last.
  • Learn how to properly remove dentures and they will be much more enjoyable to wear.

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