Composite Fillings

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Composite Fillings

Our main goal is to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile which is why we offer composite fillings.

Composite fillings use synthetic composite resin (plastic material) that is designed to replace tooth structure that is damaged by cavities or trauma. It is a fast way to receive tooth repair as the filling is molded and cured directly on the tooth.

Dental repair that lasts

When dentists first started using synthetic composite resin to repair teeth there was a concern that it may not last as well as metal fillings. As this was tested and researched we found that it actually is just as strong. 

A composite filling is actually bonded/cured to the walls of the tooth with a light which adds that extra strength that is needed. Another bonus is that composite fillings are designed to stay the same color as your teeth which makes getting dental work more discreet and natural looking.

Keep Your Teeth


Advantages of getting Composite fillings

  • Designed to last against teeth grinding
  • Bond with the teeth for added strength
  • Natural color of the tooth
  • Helps prevent future issues
  • A tooth can be repaired with just one appointment 

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