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Laser Dentistry

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Safety and Precision

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a less invasive, more comfortable way to perform certain dental procedures. Lasers have been used for dental work since the 1990’s, and is considered more safe than some traditional dental methods.

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Versatility with Laser Dentistry

At our offices, we are proud to offer laser dentistry to our patients. We use our lasers in a number of applications.

Lasers can be used to correct what is known as being tongue tied. The traditional method used a metal tool to make incisions, and can be painful with a longer recovery time. But with laser dentistry, a quick zap, and you or your child is done; often without requiring a numbing shot or stitches afterwards. 

Children at the dentist often get anxious because of the pressures on their mouths and noise from traditional dental tools. But using lasers eliminates those factors.

There are optional cosmetic applications for using lasers too, such as teeth whitening, and gum reshaping. Canker and cold sores can also be treated this way.

Benefits to

Laser Dentistry

  • Traditional drills and anesthesia are often not needed when using lasers
  • Can kill bacteria in a cavity or potential cavity 
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding after dental procedures
  • More comfortable, safe, and precise
  • Reduced recovery time

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