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Dental Bridges

We Can Give you Your WHOLE smile Back!

Bridging the


Dental bridges are a permanent, restorative fixture designed to be irremovable. The help bridge the gap caused by missing teeth, helping to keep your teeth aligned and your smile confident!


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What is the Procedure for Dental Bridge Placement?

At Platinum Dental, we want to make sure your dental bridge is a perfect fit. To ensure this, dental bridge placement will take place over two visits. Dental bridges are held into place by anchoring the bridge to the two healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth. The healthy teeth are shaped to ensure that the crowns (also called abutments) used to hold the bridge in place will fit, and a mold is taken of the teeth and sent to a lab where a custom bridge is made specifically for you! You’ll be given a temporary bridge and crowns in the meantime.

During the second appointment, the temporary crowns and bridge will be removed, and the permanent crowns and bridge will be laid in place to ensure a perfect fit. It is very common for some adjustments to be needed in order for the permanent ridge to fit just right. Once all necessary adjustments are made, the new, permanent bridge is put in place and adhered to the teeth.      

Caring for Your New

Dental Bridge

  • Because the dental bridge relies on the strength of the surrounding teeth, it is vital those teeth remain healthy and strong
  • Brush and floss after each meal
  • Attend the dentist regularly to ensure teeth are as healthy as possible
  • Avoid chewing hard substances such as ice

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