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Additional Payment Options

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For those without dental insurance who might have missed a few regular dental cleanings and not known that it could have adverse effects on their health. It’s great to know that there are other options even for patients who don’t have insurance!

At our Platinum Dental Office, you can choose from different payment options without being tied down to dental insurance. You can choose from a long or a short-term financing payment option and even a dental discount plan.

If you are trying to save money, skipping on cleanings is not a good way to save up in the long run. In one of your check-ups, your dentist might catch an issue and fix them right away before they become a more expensive headache (or tooth ache, for that matter!) in the future. Going to the dentist on regular check-ups helps you catch those issues early.

12 Month, Interest-Free Financing

After you have qualified, you will be extended and can use a credit line with 6 to 12 months interest-free financing. (Credit Check Required)

Dental Financing Options

The (3rd party credit offering company name) offers easy-on-the-pocket payment options that fits every person’s finances. Our programs are very convenient where you get to choose the following:


Several No Interest OR Low Interest options.

Low monthly options, as low as ($$) per month.

Take up to four (4) years off your treatment payment.

Begin your treatment at once.

Pay for ongoing treatments without the need to reapply.

Pay for the entire family’s dental work.

AND, pay for your account without worrying about paying a prepayment penalty, 

(annual fee, or deposit requirement.)

36 to 60 Month Financing

After you have qualified, you will be extended and can use a credit line with 36-60 month payment plans by a 3rd party financing company (Care Credit). We will help you fill out a short credit application. We then submit it online and you can check if you got approved after just a few minutes. Upon your approval, you will get to know what your estimated monthly payment will be for a 36, 48, or 60 month payment plan. (credit check required, interest applied)

Extended Payment Option

The (3rd party credit offering company) offers you the flexibility of low monthly payments, and up to four years to complete payment of your treatment. This extended payment offer has a low, fixed APR* and can be paid off with your option to choose as few or as many months.

No interest Payment Options

The (3rd party credit offering company) provides several “No Interest Payment”options with the convenience of six or twelve month payment terms.

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