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There are plenty of dentists in this world, and lots who have the qualifications necessary to provide great care. But Education and certification only go so far. At Platinum Dental we aren’t just looking for qualified dentists, we’re looking for dentists who have that special something that sets them apart. What is that special something? We call it compassion. Genuine concern for the well-being of each and every patient. That’s what sets Platinum Dental Care Dentists apart.  

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20 years of dental care experience

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About Dr. Hodge?

Cher was awesome, she helped me feel comfortable and is funny too I love her chairside manner. Dr. Hodge was helpful with my procedure answering any questions and made sure I had the info I needed before I left the office.
Ronnie Lenay
Google Review
Best dentist I have found in the Valley! Always so gentle and professional! They are so good with my kid to always calm his nerves 🙂
Chelsey Hatt
Google Review
Dr. Hodge and his staff are amazing! They take great care of my family. My daughter, now 7, would rather see Dr. Hodge than the pediatric dentist. We love the early morning appointments and the extra special care they always provide! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
BreAwn Rizzuto

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