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We believe quality dental care should be available to everyone no matter your circumstances, which is why we accept ALL forms of insurance!


You shouldn't have to break the bank to keep your family healthy, so we offer many options to help make sure your dental care fits your budget.

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Welcome to Platinum Dental Care, home of some of the greatest dentists, hygienists, and staffers anywhere in the world! We are dedicated to bringing the best in dental care to every neighborhood, community, and city we can reach starting right here in your hometown. 

As a leader in the dental industry we hold ourselves to a lofty standard of excellence and believe professionalism and compassion are the heart of great dental care and can help us deal fairly and effectively with each and every person who comes through our doors.

We aim to empower our patients to govern their own care through education and transparency in every procedure whether preventative, restorative or cosmetic. In addition our years of experience backed by state-of-the-art technology allow us to provide you and your family with the ultimate comfort and the best care so you can enjoy confidence in your smiles for life!

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It's our policy to treat patients like people, not objects. We work hard to make you feel comfortable, and explain everything clearly so that you're empowered to make decisions for your dental care.


Amazing dentist! He gave me awesome options on what I needed to have done with my tooth and recommended me to a awesome surgeon. Thank you again

Jessica Metz

The staff was friendly, professional and informative. They explained to me new things that had never been pointed out before. We will be back.

Amy Jensen

Fantastic information given to me by the Dr. instantly figured out a care plan to get my teeth where they need to be. Hes friendly, informative and his staff is 10/10z I will be coming back from now on!

Michae Rogers
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Most Common Questions

We understand that for many individuals dental insurance isn’t available in your current circumstances, but we still want to help make sure you get the dental care you need! This is why we strive to have options for every budget and offer multiple financing options through CareCredit. No matter what your situation is, we want you to feel confident you’re getting the dental care your smile deserves.

Nothing is as effective at preventing costly invasive treatments as regular dental exams! By checking in on your dental health we can spot issues when they’re small and easily managed and in this way we strive to save you from ever having to suffer through serious dental conditions.

The truth is, you’ll probably be clued right in when you’re in for a dental problem because you’ll feel it. While this isn’t always the case most of the time there will be very clear signs such as:

  • Sores in your mouth
  • Pain in your jaw
  • Redness
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Swollen face or gums
  • Broken teeth
  • Halitosis or in other words bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth

If you or your children are experiencing any of these symptoms give us a call right away to set up an appointment and get an exam and treatment plan.

There are plenty of DIY whitening kits out there, and occasionally we will even send home kits with patrons who ask for them, but nothing can compare to the whitening treatments we are able to perform here in the office. Before you use any whitening procedure it’s best to talk to your dentist and find out what will be safe for your teeth specifically.

Fluoride is actually a 100% natural mineral that helps to strengthen enamel (the protective outer layer of your teeth) and prevent cavities. The ADA suggests that adults and children should get regular fluoride treatments as per the guidance of their dental care provider to help prevent cavities and promote long-term health for your teeth.

While the actual cost of treatment will vary from individual procedure to individual procedure we work very hard to make sure that our patients are getting the best care at the most affordable prices. In the spirit of great prices, for only $99 you can get a Cleaning, Exam, and Digital X-rays to ensure a clean bill of health for your teeth!

We are eager to help you get into our office for the dental care you need whether big or small! Give us a call today so that we can get you set up with an appointment as soon as possible for your schedule and ours.

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